The “Master Series” Martial Arts Portraits

Attend any martial arts event and you’ll find that almost everyone has a camera and is taking pictures. Visit their social media pages and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of candid and action shots. Some good, some bad. But there is a huge difference between a casual snapshot, and a professionally composed and executed portrait.

Our Master’s series of Martial Arts Portraits are a high quality unique artistic vision. Each one is individually designed to emphasize the subject’s status as a master of the martial arts. No ‘stock’ backgrounds, each image is personally tailored to represent the person’s character, power and being. Our goal is to create a piece of classically influenced timeless wall art, suitable for hanging prominently in your school. Contact us today for information on how to have your own or your instructors personalized portrait done.

Datu Dieter Knüttel,
Bobby Taboada
Ron Van Browning

We have photographed a number of martial arts masters from all over the world including Datu Tim Hartman, Grand Master Michael Giron, Datu Dieter KnüttelGrand Master Bobby TaboadaGrandMaster Rick Manglinong, and Grand Master Max Pallen. These are a but few of the internationally known martial arts masters who have been immortalized in their own unique personalized piece of portrait art.

What makes Martial Arts Photography into a “Masters” Portrait?

Bob’s focus with his Masters portraits is to capture the essence of the subject, and create a unique, one of a kind masterpiece.  The goal behind each portrait is to showcase the subjects experience, their character and their personality. Each portrait is professionally taken, carefully processed and enhanced. Shadows are enhanced, details brought out, with a careful attention to knowing what to remove, what to add, and what to leave exactly as it is. Bob’s work has appeared on book and video covers, school, event and organizational advertisements and hangs prominently on the walls in martial arts schools world wide. Bob is available for both on site and in-studio portrait sessions, and is also available to cover your martial arts event or provide your school with student portraits, product photos or advertising imagery.

Rick Manglinong
Robert Castro
Datu Tim Hartman
Sam Wolf Inquiry

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