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Work with a real martial arts photographer. Schedule Today What is a “Real” martial arts photographer?  Both Bob and Susan have trained in the martial arts. Susan has a black belt in Kenpo, while Bob likes to hit people with sticks.  This means we understand things like stances, that weapons need to be held a certain way, that belts must be tied correctly. This allows us to photograph you at your best. A real martial arts photographer has the training, experience and equipment suited towards getting the best image possible. We’ve spent years doing not just portraits, but covering events, camps and seminars.  We know how to get the right angles, and more importantly, we know when to duck. We use professional cameras, lenses and lighting. Hubbard Photography’s fully equipped professional studio is located in Buffalo NY. We  can work with you to get the best photos possible. All of our photo sessions are by appointment only. Please Call or Email us to schedule.

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Work with a real martial arts photographer. Schedule Today